Why You Should Work with Us

Welcoming an extra set of hands into your lives is one of the most important decisions for both the care of your children and your home. The process can be exciting, but it is also overwhelming and challenging, especially for those who choose to recruit on their own. Scanning through hundreds of profiles online is confusing and identifying worthy candidates is even harder. Recruiting can be time-consuming, exhausting, and often ends up taking time away from your family life—the very reason you want a nanny.
Our priority is to make your search for child care stress-free. At the end of our process, your children will be cared for by a qualified, reliable professional whose values align with your own. 
Before you meet a candidate, we vet prospective nannies’ employment history, references, and education. Our interview process gives an in depth understanding of each candidate’s philosophy, experience and personality. To join our team, nannies must show compassion, emotional intelligence and have a deep passion for childcare. They are assessed on experience and skills to ensure the utmost professionalism. Our hassle-free matching process let’s you skip the stress so your family can be confident and excited to welcome your new nanny!

Hiring Caring Connections makes it easy.

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Our hassle-free and personalized matching process let’s you skip the stress so your family can be confident in your childcare journey.