Meet the team that makes the magic happen when it comes to the perfect match between nannies and families.

Betina Mele

Betina is Caring Connection’s beating heart. She is the proud owner and founder, with more then 15 years of experience as a nanny herself and 6 years as an agency owner. She has helped hundreds of families in Westchester, NY find their perfect childcare match. Her passion, background and expertise as a nanny, mother and agency professional gives Caring Connections it’s foundation. Betina oversees the agency as a whole, she is involved in every decision the company takes, allowing her to assist our families and nannies  directly and create a personal and trusting relationship from the very first step. When Betina is not connecting with families, she spends time with her daughters and husband, and enjoys practicing a healthy lifestyle. She is originally from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Rute Cruz

Rute is our Operations Manager. She runs the business with Betina, improving the company’s efficiency and pushing Caring Connections to greater heights. With more then a decade of experience as a nanny, she understands what the nanny’s responsibilities encompass, and can pair each applicant’s skills and personalities to the family’s dynamics and needs. Although she’s mostly behind the scenes, she plays a role on every placement.

Rute is originally from Lisbon, Portugal but has been residing in New York for over 20 years. She lives with her husband, two boys and Charlie the Dog. In her free time, she enjoys painting, culinary adventures, and exploring the Hudson Valley with her family.

Vale Antunez

Valeria recruits, interviews and vetts our hand-selected candidates, getting to know every nanny on a personal level to analyze their strengths. Working hand-in-hand with our Placement Specialist, she makes sure Caring Connections creates the ideal match for nannies and families.

With more then 10 years in the household staffing industry – as a nanny, personal assistant, and household manager – Valeria’s expertise guarantees we can provide families an insider’s view on the best candidates for each job. Originally from Uruguay, Valeria arrived in the United States 17 years ago and lives in New York with her son. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Valeria Antunes
Jess Crothers

Jess Crothers

Jess is our Placement Specialist. Her role, is to focus on client needs and communication while working closely with the recruitment director to match our nannies to families. Her career in childcare was largely based in Westchester and her experience has been multifaceted. She has 17 years of nanny experience in which she managed placements, referrals, handled conflict resolution and provided nanny and parent training. Jess understands the importance of matching values with personalities and has the ultimate goal of creating long lasting relationships between nannies and families. She currently resides in Oklahoma City and has both DHS child care training and holds a current Childcare Development Associate.


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